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Web Design and Internet Marketing

Welcome to the site, where you will learn everything you need to know about web design and internet marketing. For those with a new company or business, or simply wanting to inject more into their online presence, read on.

Web design can be crucial to businesses as a quick and accessible way for people to learn who you are and what you do, as well as get in touch and access some of your services.

Internet marketing is a way of making a company's online presence known, via social media, email, newsletters, and online content. Make your company's voice heard today.

Becoming an Internet Marketer

25 Nov 2020

If a person is going to choose internet marketing as a career, the first thing they need to understand is that they are going to have to market themselves. It is a competitive business, but with the right marketing tactics, it can be turned into a successful career.

The Importance of Relevant Images

30 Oct 2020

Todays' readers have short attention spans and do not enjoy long blocks of unbroken text. To engage their attention, the text should be spaced into paragraphs and interspersed with relevant images. Free stock photos are not ideal, as they are used by tens of thousands of websites.

Internet Marketing for Beginners

27 Sep 2020

There are a lot of businesses which have a presence online. For them to be successful, there are many things they need to learn. One of these is how to conduct internet marketing so it will be successful. There are different types of resources available for this.